A very annoying STREAMS bug, which should be corrected in the 11GR2 release, is the failure of STREAMS to keep up with an alter table move tablespace command.

If your table contains a LOB, and want to do some reorg through a move, then you will very likely hit the bug and receive the following error message in your alert.log:

ORA-26744: STREAMS capture process "STREAMS_CAPTURE" does not support "OWNER"."TABLE_NAME" because of the following reason:
ORA-26773: Invalid data type for column "malformed redo"

No workarounds exist, except excluding your table from your STREAMS propagation.

Reimporting the table with a new flashback SCN won't work. You have to reimplement the whole STREAMS process to get back on your feet.

Metalink réference:Bug 5623403.