A few new Sailfish demos from Jolla are out

First the Sailfish SDK demo from Slush:


Very fast development indeed with this new Qt SDK. Some whiners will of course complain about the lack of an efl SDK...

The second one is in finnish only from Jolla's Senior designer:


There are some interesting comments from Jaakko Roppola about the philosophy of the Sailfish UI, that I've tried to translate as accurately possible:

"The UI has been built around simplicity and ease of use"

"No need to into the application and back off. You can just slide the application icon on the side to execute commands"

"What are the limits? - Basically the physical size (of the screen), and in some cases there is no need for interaction. For example the People application doesn't have any interaction"

"What about the multitasking and its limits? - There's a human limit. We don't want to make a second page with icons. When you have a certain number of applications open, the least used one will not be visible. It will still be running, but won't be visible on the home screen" (From what I've heard, it should be 9 application maximum on the home screen currently)

"You can close the application like this (by pressing them a few seconds and tapping the cross)"

"Is there a context menu? - Yes, and we can demonstrate our Ambiance application at the same time. You get the context menu for the application by swiping from top to bottom from anywhere on the screen. When I release it, it executes the function it has been asigned"

"There have been many questions about the Ambiance: is it not just some eye candy? No, it was just one of the targets we wanted to show. You have to think much further than adapting the colours of the phone to some picture you just find in the gallery."

"There is one thing we have been quite clear about when we've been discussing the UI between ourselves: we don't want any buttons everywhere on the screen. Rather, the navigation is by gestures only."

"For example, here , I can go digging very far in the hierarchy, and just swipe my way back to top. But I still see the hierarchy and just by one gesture I can go back to my home screen to check whether I have network, how much battery I've got left..."

"What about notifications? - If you're not using the phone, the notification will be on the home screeen, but if you're using an app, the notification for a call for example will pop up ,but it won't be persistent in the application window. It will be directly on the screen, and you won't have to search for an SMS somewhere in another application. Basically, everything must be very close anywhere, but everything must NOT be everywhere."

Here's a shorter demo in english by Jaakko:


And a second short demo of multitasking in english:


And a third one with the quick glance feature:


The bottom line is: cool user-friendly interface that you can use single-handedly blindfolded. THAT seems to be the idea behind Sailfish OS UI. Ans it's truly open, not like the  Android ecosystem where Google's basically bullying everyone around.