Tested on: IBM AIX 5.2

Sendmail processes may run wild, due to huge process loads, or even badly configured applications sending automatized mails.

When sendmail processes are overloaded, they may clog up the mailqueue and spawn multiple sendmail processes to treat the mailqueue, ultimately consuming most of your server's swap area, degrading performance, or even prevent other applications from running.

Here are the steps needed to stop rogue sendmail processes, and cleanly purge the sendmail mailqueue on IBM AIX 5.2. The process is similar on other UNIXes, except for the sendmail stop and start commands, which vary, depending of your OS. On Solaris, for example, you would use your own stop and start scripts in /etc/rcX.d/ or in /etc/init.d/.

First, find and kill the multiple sendmail processes if they have gone havoc.

# ps -ef | grep sendmail

Then, stop sendmail cleanly (the commands depend of your OS. This one works only on IBM AIX).

# stopsrc -s sendmail  

You may check the number of messages that are in the queue, which will give you an idea of the time it will take to process the queue:

# sendmail -bp 

Check that there are no longer any sendmail processes running:

# ps -ef | grep sendmail

Rename the current mailqueue to another directory:

# mv /var/spool/mqueue /var/spool/omqueue 

Restart sendmail

# startsrc -s sendmail
0513-059 The sendmail Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 62118

Now process the old queue (may take time, depending upon the number of messages to process):

# /usr/sbin/sendmail -oQ/var/spool/omqueue -q -v

Running /var/spool/omqueue/m7HKkOM60666 (sequence XXXX of XXXXX)
Running /var/spool/omqueue/m7HKkOM60666 (sequence XXXX+1 of XXXXX)...

Now, you may safely delete all messages in the old queue:

# rm -rf /var/spool/omqueue

Create a new mailqueue directory.

# mkdir /var/spool/mqueue

Stop and start sendmail:

# stopsrc -s sendmail

# startsrc -s sendmail

You're done!

Happy computing.

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